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Freshtival 2022 Results

We had another amazing year at the annual Freshtival! We would like to thank all of our producers for working with local brewers (big and small) to create some outstanding and innovative beers! 

Here are the results from this year's Freshtival...

All Wet/Traditional Category

1st Place - Endeavour Brewing Co (Hound Dog Hops)

2nd Place - Siding 14 Brewing Co (Hop To It)

3rd Place - Prairie Dog Brewing (Water valley Hops)

4th Place - Spectrum Ale Works (Flatland Hops)

Wet/Dry Category

1st Place - Blindman Brewing (Hop To It)

2nd Place - Ravenwolf Brewing (Hound Dog Hops and Hop To It)

We hope to see everyone back next year!

Flight from the Freshtival
Flight from the Freshtival

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