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Hops in Alberta

  • Do you sell hop plants?
    Many of our members propagate their own rhizomes and plants for sale. There are many varieties that grow well in Alberta, you will be sure to find the plants that are just right for you. Ask one of our members what they have in stock!
  • You can grow hops in Alberta?
    You most definitely can. While the weather in Alberta definitely presents its challenges, the intensity of sunlight in our province makes these photosensitive plants hum! Check out our Find a Producer page to see our member’s farms in action!
  • Why should I join the Alberta Hop Producers’ Association?
    We are a group of like minded, craft beer drinking, local ingredient enthusiasts! Membership in our Association connects you with a wealth of experience in this burgeoning industry. We also have a network of suppliers who can offer discounts to members. There are often opportunities for bulk orders on various hopyard supplies. Our association also attends various industry events around the province which often offer our members a foot in the door for networking with brewers, breweries and other hop using entrepreneurs.
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